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Emergency Preparedness Plan
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What is an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

An Emergency Preparedness Plan is envisaged to provide guidelines for the personnel of the plant to effectively combat the emergency situations that might arise.

Fire Drills

Drills and exercises are a training tool as well as a way to verify training effectiveness.

The components of mock drill are as follows

  • Participation senior management
  • Should include local agencies like the fire brigade, hospital, police, safety organization of nearby establishments, even if only in the skeleton form.
  • Should have a formal schedule
  • Frequency should be based on the risk level.
  • Feedback and the improvements
  • Must be repeated a number of times.

The objectives of Emergency Preparedness Plan are as follows:

  • Contain, control, localize, eliminate hazards in minimum time.
  •  Minimize damage to personnel, property and environment.
  • Speed-up the rescue operation.
  • Inform  all concerned.
  • Treatment of the affected persons.
  • Preserve relevant records and  material for subsequent investigation of the  causes and circumstances of emergency.
  • Take steps to prevent recurrence
  • Restore normalcy at the earliest.

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