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Website Design

We provide solutions which are useful, esthetic and eye-catching as well as memorable, with a hint of the effects emphasizing the individual character of your website.
  • We first try to understand the client requirement and design the website as per their requirement.
    A professional website design is essential to design your website and to stand against your competitors.
    At WSC We ensure that We provide the best services by unique and sleek design to satisfy the customers needs, so that they will get the more opportunity to enhance their business.

    We offer web designing for corporate firms, business and individual. A well designed website will ensure that you have the best chance of boosting your company in a competitive world. web design is a practice to arrange the text, images in a creative manner which give a beautiful look to your site. Any web design should have the capacity to raise the interest of the customer in the website regarding the layout of the design and services provided by the web development company. We provide the services which will satisfy our customer needs and wants. Our main aim is to make your business more profitable and successful using our website designing services against your competitors.

    How we work on your project ?

    Most of our projects are divided into several interrelated steps.

    First, we establish the structure, the number of steps and the web content, in order to prepare a preliminary cost estimation. Active participation by the client is an essential element in the initial findings stage.

    1. We prepare a technical specification on the basis of the combined findings
    2. We sign a contract containing final estimation of the cost, the deadlines and the scope of work.
    3. We create the mockups, which are based on our initial findings.
    4. We refine the layout and web elements placement.
    5. We start working on the programming and the graphics based on of the mockups.
    6. We present the administration panel
    7. We introduce the homepage design
    8. We continue the design of the remaining subsites
    9. We present the fragmented templates of the homepage and the subsites as an overview of the final shape and operation of the website. We are almost approaching the finish line.
    10. We deploy the website's beta version on our test server
    11. We install the website on the target server (the client's server)

    The order and number of steps may vary slightly based on the project's size, the arrangement or its specifications. We accept minor deviations from specifications in favour of our clients in every stage of the project. For major changes in specifications, We charge an additional fee depending on the magnitude of changes. We charge a deposit of 40% of the project total. The second payment (of 60% of the project total) is charged after completion of the project. The payments can also be divided into particular stages of the project – e.g. a deposit, the graphics, programming. This option is possible in case of large projects.

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