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In today’s competitive market every small and big business is trying to update itself with changing trends and technology. Most people nowadays use their smartphones for online shopping or internet browsing. So the need for mobile app innovation and development to meet the growing customer needs of your business is clear.

As a Mobile app development company in Kolkata, WSC provides mobile app services according to your business needs. Our experienced, professional, and qualified mobile application developers are always ready to provide the best mobile application development solutions to the clients as per the demands of different business sectors.



Step: 1

First, we collect information about the type of application you want to develop according to your need, what's your budget, your timeline, and whether there are any other apps that similar to your application concept.

Step: 2

After discussing with you, we will provide recommendations or suggestions for developing your application based on the decision in a kick-off meeting with our team members. We also make a test plan to finalize test opportunities and objectives depending on the needs of the project. This allows us to estimate the appropriate cost for your application.

Step: 3

After finalizing the project requirements and signing the NDA we do the work of application wireframe design which helps you to understand the flow of the system and also gives a rough idea about how the system will work and also creates an approximate development timeline.

Step: 4

Work on the design process begins after the wireframe is finalized. We design an icon, splash screen (first screen), log in or sign-up form, banner, buttons, etc. in your entire application and place it in the right place and align the screen of your mobile application so that customers don't face any problem while using the app.

Step: 5

After all the methods of application design are completed, the mobile application developers start taking steps to make everything work. The project manager sets out a step-by-step plan for developing a systematic mobile application by setting developers' goals according to milestones.

Step: 6

While developing mobile applications, before the final release, our QA team runs various tests to make sure the app works flawlessly, including the app's usability, compatibility, interface checks, and performance tests.

Step: 7

Our skilled and expert developers help you to upload the app to your Appstore and Playstore account by following all the strong rules and policies to make it live. Once your application has been installed in the Appstore and Playstore, we continuously monitor your application usage and measure success through the mobile analytics platform. We also examine various issues related to crashes and user reports.

Step: 8

We help your application to achieve more success by verifying your customers' reviews and providing answers to their questions, following their suggestions, adding and updating various features and functionality to make your application a better user experience.

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